Creative Legwork and Revisions

Back to the start.

After I’ve returned your work with my notes, you’re more than welcome to review it all, make your changes, and then come back for a general review from me to see how it all panned out.

  • Shorter works: $0.50/page
  • Partial page projects: $0.75/page
  • Full-length manuscripts: $1/page

And if you need a little help working through a rough patch in your writing, or to hash out a part of the plot that’s eluding you, there’s an editor for that. Creative collaborations can be conducted by phone or Zoom call. $25/hour

***These sessions are not intended as co-author discussions, nor will I supply you with a storyline. No freebies, just a living, breathing whiteboard to bounce ideas off of and help you connect the dots.

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