Sarayna’s Fate continues M. Dalto’s Empire saga with all of the magic, adventure and tension that readers have come to expect, but with a few twists they might never have seen coming.

For those who haven’t begun the series, stop here. This novella doesn’t pull any punches, and you’ll need that background info to keep up.

For those who are up to speed, you’ll find Sarayna juggling the responsibilities of royalty, not to mention a Prophecy gone awry, an Empire to restore, and an Emperor to rescue before the clock runs out and her entire family is banished to the Borderlands. That’s a lot to pack in a novella, but M. Dalto manages to weave all of these moving pieces together in a way that reads naturally, yet still has audiences on the edge of their seats. Sarayna’s Fate takes place on our planet, but the main character’s magical dilemmas and otherworldly concerns make sure we never forget what’s really going on, and what Sarayna and her family stand to lose should she fail to restore the natural order.

One tried and true element that will either attract or repel readers is Sarayna’s instant wariness when she meets a handsome stranger. It’s the subplot we know and sometimes love; girl meets boy, boy’s cute but girl’s got so much going on that she feels she can’t risk trusting the wrong person, boy and girl start tentative relationship that goes off the rails when girl’s secrets come around to bite them both in the ass. If this isn’t your jam, you might not be able to get on board with the novella’s take on mixing personal and business, as it were.

But don’t think this means you can skip ahead to the next book in the series when it comes out later this year – there are some crucial developments happening, too, and they’re going to set the stage for the future of the Empire, not just Sarayna and her boy toy (or match?). Sarayna’s Fate is a perfectly framed stepping stone that helps readers transition further into the larger narrative, a necessary examination of this character’s personal ties as they relate to the big picture. Definitely give this a read if you’re already invested in M. Dalto’s world, or come back to it if you dive into the adventure from the beginning.

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