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NaNoWriMo 2020

It’s not just fun to say; NaNoWriMo is a website, a nonprofit organization, a widespread writing community, and a challenge all rolled into one.

Writing Mythical Creatures

Fiction writing lends itself to an endless array of characters, from humans to mythical creatures: borrowed, created, or something in between.

Sarayna’s Fate by M. Dalto: a Book Review

Sarayna’s Fate continues M. Dalto’s Empire saga with all of the magic, adventure and tension that readers have come to expect, but with a few twists they might never have seen coming.

Writing Romance (without Sounding Like a Sap)

Writing romance (without sounding like a sap) doesn’t have to be an exercise in clich├ęs. Learn to avoid this genre’s tired tropes, or at least how to use them to your advantage.

Dressember 2020

That’s right – Dressember now lasts all year long! The Dressember Foundation announced an extension of its campaign for all individual advocates this year. Instead of a month-long sprint to the finish line, we’ve got the option to spend the entire year drumming up support for this fantastic cause. As you might have guessed, I …

Sons of Fire by Tracy Auerbach: a Book Review

A story of family, royalty, duty, and survival, Sons of Fire by Tracy Auerbach is a thrilling YA adventure read that combines reality and fantasy in unexpected ways.

Writing Action Sequences

Writing action sequences (without punching yourself or your audience in the face) is a delicate art.

How to Create and Use Character Backstories

There is no right way to create and use character backstories, but with practice and revisions, you can find the happy medium between too much and not enough.

The German House by Annette Hess: a Book Review

Annette Hess takes us to post-WWII Germany to follow the Frankfurt Trials and a young translator who must learn the difference between knowing and telling the truth.

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