Shorter Works

Just because it’s not a novel doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a good once-over.

  • Resume overview: a basic read-through of your resume for clarity and consistency. In short, let’s make sure you sound like you know what you’re about. $15
  • Query/cover letter review: includes line-by-line grammar and punctuation assessment as well as feeling out overall clarity and purpose. $15
  • Query letter + synopsis review: the standard query letter review, plus refining your synopsis (500 words max) to ensure it’s informative, yet titillating. $25

Students and nonfiction writers can also pitch essays (up to 15 pages and formatted according to the submission guidelines) in AP, MLA or Chicago style for a basic overview of grammar and syntax. Rate per word to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

***Please note that I am in no way an accredited instructor and will not be fact-checking or correcting the content or references/bibliographies of nonfiction submissions. The creator will be held accountable for the validity and originality of the finished product. In other words, I am not responsible if you take the easy way out and plagiarize, then get caught.

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