Shorter Works

Just because it’s not a novel doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a good once-over.

  • Resume overview: a basic read-through of your resume for clarity and consistency. In short, let’s make sure you sound like you know what you’re about. $15
  • Query letter review: includes line-by-line grammar and punctuation assessment as well as feeling out overall clarity and purpose. $15
  • Query letter + synopsis review: the standard query letter review, plus refining your synopsis to ensure it’s informative, yet short and sweet. $25

Students and nonfiction writers can also pitch essays (up to 15 pages and formatted according to the submission guidelines) in AP, MLA or Chicago style for a basic overview of grammar and syntax. Rate per word to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

***Please note that I am in no way an accredited instructor and will not be fact-checking or correcting the content of these submissions. All essays must be complete, and the creator will be held accountable for the validity and originality of the finished product. In other words, the backlash of plagiarism is on you.

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