The Specs

Each service I offer comes at its own base rate, as listed below. But as is often the case, there may be circumstances that require a little readjustment. Any changes will be discussed while we nail down a schedule for your project, and can be revisited at any time during the editing process.

Now, let me offer this disclaimer. I’m good―some might even say amazing―but I can’t guarantee that my edits will land you that dream job or get your creation published, no matter how much I’d like them to. All I can promise is that you and I will work together to make your words sound so awesome, they’re nearly impossible to resist.

Shorter works

Partial page projects

Full-length manuscripts

Creative legwork and revisions

Book reviews

***A deposit of half of the entire estimated cost of the project is due with your signed statement of work, mutual NDA, and your formatted work to be edited; the rest will be due either two weeks after the first payment, or can be disbursed on an installment schedule we agree to ahead of time and include in the statement of work. I accept personal checks and payments made through PayPal or Venmo.

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