Book Reviews

Already published? Let’s have it.

No hard feelings if you didn’t choose me to edit your book―I was a reader even before I was a writer or an editor, and I’m happy to settle in with your story and let you know what I think.

Once I’ve strung my thoughts together, I’ll send you the review, and then publish it here and on Goodreads before I give it a plug on my social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). You’re welcome to share it on your own website, your social media platforms (just be sure to tag me!), or anywhere else you think an endorsement from an avid book nerd will do you some good.

  • Basic review: my take on your book in 250-300 words. This will include a brief plot summary, and a concise breakdown of my opinion on the story’s strengths and weaknesses. $200/book
  • Expanded review: includes a more detailed examination of characters, settings, and themes in addition to the basic review’s parameters in as many as 500 words. $300/book
  • Children’s book or short story review: approximately 200 words used to give a quick plot summary and highlight the book’s strengths and weaknesses. $100/book

All book review requests should follow the same pitch procedure as other projects. Timeframes will vary based on the length of the book, but expect a minimum of two weeks for standard publications. And, if you’re still on the fence, I’m registered on NetGalley and BookSirens.

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